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Occupational Health risk in Traffic Police men

All major Indian cities are polluted by vehicles, road dust due to vehicles contribute 33% of Air pollution in . Cities like Delhi & Chennai, Bangalore have potential hazards and can cause respiratory and skin problems.

Occupational Health risk in Traffic Police menAir pollution levels in the city are shooting up rapidly because of the exponential rise in the number of vehicles. As the population grows, numbers of vehicles are equally risen giving rise to air pollution and traffic chaos.

City is managed by traffic police who spend two thirds of  their duty hours amidst this polluted working environment.

 Occupational Hazards

Automobile exhaust produces three categories of hazard

  1. Substances that affect the airways-oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, ozone, SPM and oxides.
  2.  Substances that produce toxic effects – carbon monoxide and lead
  3. Benzene , PAH etc

Air pollution from combustions causes both acute and chronic effects on men in khaki. Though the lungs take most brunt, other systems of the body like  central nervous system, cardiovascular,  skin and cause behavior changes.

 Known facts

  • Traffic police are exposed to air pollution hazards routinely for   8-10 hours of duty.
  • Analysis of various studies across  the country have revealed  high prevalence of respiratory illness  among these workmen
  • Lack of awareness about the hazards in their workplace is a reality.
  • Periodical medical examination is unknown entity.
  • Usage of  PPE’s (Masks) are a rarity .
  • Police department apart from providing suggestions to ease traffic congestion and provision of PPE’s to these workmen has done very minimum on their health.
  • Occupational health and safety issues of  traffic police men is common  in most of Indian cities.



      How to adress this problem ?

      Best practices followed internationally ?

      Are there any specific Masks/ Respirators for this Hazard /


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                                                                                                Posted on: 3/16/2011
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